"I had a great shoot with Malc and Barb at Catchlight Pics Mill Studio !
Lots of fabulous textures and rustic props with the brick walls and rough wooden floors, as well as the spacious backdrop areas. The place really comes alive as an atmospheric shooting space, and I also loved the options to shoot by the open door for flattering and interesting natural light.
I was completely looked after and had everything I needed.
Malc and Barb are always so friendly and helpful! I look forward to shooting here again in the future.
Happily recommended"

Ivory Flame


"I was lucky enough to work with Malcolm and Barbara at their incredible studio, after meeting them over the summer atThe Dorothy Clive Gardens. I had the most wonderful time, enjoying every moment. Malc and Barb are an absolute pleasure to work with, talented photographers and caring hosts. I love the atmosphere at the studio and cant thank them enough for inviting me to work with them. Looking forward to another shoot soon, and am glad to have met such lovely creatives."

Ashleigh Rae UK


"I've really enjoyed the shoot with Barbara and Malcolm, there are a wonderful lovely couple, open to ideas and very easy going. Managed to capture loads of amazing images! I look forward to working with you both again and very highly recommended!
Kind regards"

Kat Yip


"I LOVE Working here at Catchlight Pics Mill Studio! Unlike most traditional Studio's, there is a real History and meaning behind everything here, which helps to give it extra significance and make it feel extra special!

There are a great variety of things that cans be done here, which hopefully comes across in the images that Malc, Barb and myself have done here together so far!

I highly recommend Catchlight Pics Mill Studio to anybody, and I cannot wait to work there again very soon! "

Phil Bruce- Cover Model.


"Working alongside Malcolm is always a total pleasure, and I'm so glad that Malcolm and his wife, Barbara, hired me again on this sunny afternoon. This time we ventured to Catchlight Pic's new studio - and old Flour mill. It is an absolutely beautiful location, situated near a large fishing found, surrounded by livestock. It's truly awesome to behold. There are still so many parts of the mill that are still intact, and it really gives the studio some serious character. Malcolm and Barbara have also made sure to move in some different back drops to cater to every type of creative too - They are clearly putting a great deal of thought in to their new venture. Malcolm once again blew me away with his knowledge and memories, as he was telling me all about how they would have used the mill in the past and about how things have changed since. Malcolm is someone who I could sit and talk with all day - as I'm sure I have said before, he has a wealth of knowledge and is someone you could learn a great deal from. Some of the images created by Malcolm today are easily some of my favourites, and I am so excited to work with him and Barbara again.
Thank you once again to both Malcolm and Barbara.
Very highly recommended as always! "



"I've had numerous shoots with Malc now, each shoot is brilliant : ) we always have a good laugh and create some fab images. Malc is a really nice guy. Easy to shoot with and get on with. I can't wait for our next shoot and I can 100% recommend him to anyone.
Speak soon! "

Vivian Blue